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The Foundation for Scientific Literacy has incorporated as a California Public Benefit Corporation and has fulfilled the requirements for nonprofit tax-exempt status as defined in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We rely on public support (fully tax-deductible) for the practical performance of our educational operations, as well as to maintain our qualification as a Public Benefit Corporation. We hope that you will consider becoming a contributor (financial, material and collaborative) to our worthwhile effort. Your generosity will make a difference in the education of disadvantaged children, the promotion of legitimate scientific curricula, the development of science teachers, and the validation of credible entertainment. The Foundation for Scientific Literacy welcomes your tax-deductible donations of any amount to help support its mission. Your contribution can come in the form of cash donations, periodic gifts, corporate matching gifts, gifts of securities, equipment, software, office space, services or your time as a volunteer. For ways that you can help, view our resource wish list under resources sought. You can also get involved by signing up as a volunteer.

Sponsors (add your name to our list)

Teresa Larsen, Ph.D.
Marel Sterling
Advanced Visual Systems (AVS)
Mark Yeager, M.D., Ph.D.
Susanna Levitt, Ph.D.

Resources Sought

Office Space

   In this early stage of development, the Foundation seeks a suitable location to create a community presence. Accordingly, we seek a magnanimous property holder to provide office space for the Foundation on a long-term basis. The property will house the offices of the staff of the Foundation, provide a space for holding meetings, seminars, and classes, and provide a "storefront" for the Foundation where interested individuals may come to visit and learn more about our organization. In return for providing the property the donor(s) will have

  • a tax-deductible write off equivalent to the commercial value of the lease,
  • appropriate recognition by a posting on this web site,
  • acknowledgment in documents publicizing the Foundation (such as brochures),
  • a prominent posting in the office at the provided location,
  • a rewarding feeling of having made a valuable contribution to supporting scientific literacy.
  • We request the following office space features:

      1. Minimum 1100 square feet
      2. Rooms: (a two bedroom condominium or house would fit these criteria nicely)
        a. Reception (living room),
        b. Director office (bedroom),
        c. Staff office (bedroom),
        d. Conference room (dining room),
        e. Kitchen(ette),
        f. Bathroom(s)
      3. Location: La Jolla, within the Village (will consider any site in the greater La Jolla area)

    We will consider an offer of any kind of property, such as residential (condominium or house) or commercial office space. We would graciously accept a site that stands separately or occupies space within an existing establishment (such as a high technology company).


       We have use for many goods and services as we launch our ambitious efforts. We can use equipment and software donations, listed below. We would also gratefully accept any time you could give us as a volunteer.
    Please see our Get Involved section to learn how you can help.

    Resource Wish List


         1 Late Model Macintosh 
         2 Late Model laptops (Mac or PC)

         Adobe Photoshop 
    Office Supplies & Equipment:

         Lateral File Cabinet
         Ergonomic Office Chair

    Fundraising Efforts

    Grant writing
    We continually write grant proposals to appropriate funding sources for our individual projects, for operating expenses, and for endowments. If you would like to get involved as a grant writer, please contact Dr. Larsen.

    Toast and Roast Gala
    A distinctive formal occasion with dinner and entertainment. The program will include presenting amusing awards to professionals who represent science authentically to the public, and offering good-natured criticism to individuals associated with prominent misrepresentations of accepted scientific principles.

    Annual Benefit Bazaar
    An annual public fundraising sale with one or more of the following: (1) A thrift department for selling secondhand items donated by supporters of the Foundation, (2) A (silent) auction of valuable donations from philanthropists, (3) A retail department for selling products donated by community and corporate sponsors, and (4) a domestic department for selling home baked and home-made goods.

    If you would like to help with our fund-raisers, please contact us:
    The Foundation for Scientific Literacy
    Post Office Box 1433
    La Jolla, CA 92038-1433

    Become a Sponsor - Make a Donation

       If you would like to make a tax-deductible financial contribution to our organization,
    please make out your check to "The Foundation for Scientific Literacy" and mail it to:

       The Foundation for Scientific Literacy
       Post Office Box 1433
       La Jolla, CA 92038-1433

       For donations of material goods please contact us directly to make delivery arrangements. All donors will receive a receipt and acknowledgment on our web site. Please specify your name as you wish it to appear in the sponsors section above.