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Mission Statement

   To educate, support and promote scientific literacy, defined as "the knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts and processes required for personal decision-making, participation in civic and cultural affairs, and economic productivity" (National Science Education Standards, National Academy of Sciences).

Description of the Foundation

   The formation of the Foundation for Scientific Literacy resulted from the personal passion of its founder, Teresa Larsen, Ph.D. Dr. Larsen has made it her life's work to communicate science accurately and understandably to lay and technical audiences. Recognizing the importance of communicating scientific principles and advances, and how her work had all along supported scientific literacy, she took the initiative to create an educational organization dedicated to making science accessible to all Americans.

The primary objectives and purposes of the Foundation:
(a) Create curriculum and curriculum supplements for educational venues;
(b) Educate and counsel individuals and organizations to effectively utilize science and technology to improve their lives and businesses;
(c) Assist and counsel individuals and organizations, including the entertainment industry, the news media, the legal system, and scientists, in relating to the public accurate and easy-to-understand scientific concepts, techniques and advances;
(d) Create and support a public forum for the discussion of scientific literacy;
(e) Promote awareness of the value of scientific literacy through public campaigns and fund-raisers;
(f) Sponsor young, underprivileged students pursuing careers in science and technology;
(g) Identify and create other activities that encourage and expand scientific literacy.

Board of Directors
Advisory Board Members
Stephen W. Hawking, Ph.D.,  Lucasian Professor of Mathematics, University of Cambridge, UK.
Robert Gallo, M.D.,  Director, Institute of Human Virology; Professor of Medicine,
University of Maryland, Baltimore.
James F. Blinn, Ph.D.,  Graphics Fellow, Computer Graphics Research group, Microsoft.
Jon Lomberg, Artist & Space Science Journalist
Joan Embery, Wildlife and Environmental Activist
Voting Board Members
Teresa A. Larsen, Ph.D.,  Scientific Visualization Consultant
Eileen Bayman, Research Associate, Pfizer
Harold Tyvoll,  Attorney at Law
Richard Ogden, Ph.D., Senior Director, Scientific Development, Pfizer
Kosi Gramatikoff, Ph.D., Director Business Development, Abgent


Teresa A. Larsen, Ph.D.,  President and Founder
Dr. Larsen has worked to present science accurately and understandably throughout her career. She uses her training as a researcher and her skills in computer graphics to present science visually. She strongly believes that everyone can grasp the fundamentals of science and apply them in their own lives.
We're looking for more staff members. Contact us if you'd like to support scientific literacy.