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Entertaining Science
Entertaining Science
A Forum for the Promotion of Science and Scientific Literacy in Popular Culture.

   How do we reconcile the technological marvels in our lives?  Do we understand them?  Do we blindly accept them?  Do we trust the scientists that bring these advances to us?  Or do we question them?  Do we understand well enough to ask the right questions?

   In reality, anyone can understand science; we do not have to defer to scientists to define for us the technological direction our country moves.  We would rather decide for ourselves whether to include genetically engineered or irradiated food on our shopping lists.  What does that take?  Scientific Literacy.  By this I mean a basic grasp of the scientific principles that we as human beings have collected, supported and generally accept. To achieve this, many have already launched ambitious efforts to reform science curriculum.  Additionally, scientists must learn to communicate clearly to the general public.  The newsmedia must report science news faithfully, without oversimplifying.  Producers and authors of science fiction entertainment must stay within the realm of science plausible, and avoid presenting misrepresentations of scientific concepts that mislead or misinform the audience.

   For this exciting topic I have chosen to create a forum for the discussion of science and its presentation within popular culture, a newsletter called Entertaining Science.  In it I will present examples, in a variety of venues, of how to represent science well.  For those instances that could use improvement, I will make suggestions for how to do so.  I will include science quizzes, articles and editorials from scientists, teachers, producers, etc.

   I look forward to stimulating discussion, fostering awareness, and adding to a growing foundation for scientific literacy.

Teresa Larsen, Editor, Entertaining Science

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