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"the first rate mathematician depends on the kind of inspiration that we usually associate with the composer of music."
- Prof. Morris Kline

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We aim to make science accessible to everyone. Science and technology affect our lives daily. We believe you have a right to truly understand it. We have begun putting together this web site to provide the resources to make that possible.

 How do we reconcile
the technological marvels in
our lives? Do we understand
them? Do we blindly accept
them? Do we trust the
scientists that bring these
advances to us? Or do we question them? Do we understand well enough to ask the right questions?
 We have just begun to get operations underway. In our current ?bootstrap phase? we conduct our operations entirely with a volunteer staff. Accordingly, we continuously seek enthusiastic individuals to support our educational philosophy.
 Whether you can contribute funding or your time, we can use your support. Please check our Projects page to find something you?d like to do. Or if you have an innovative idea to advance scientific literacy please tell us about it.

We exist to help you.
Come see what we offer: Check out our future newsletter, Entertaining Science.
Help us help you by giving us feedback.
Lend a hand; volunteer or just show your support. Soon you will be able to visit our
virtual office to see what we have happening.